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This will most likely surprise most people reading this especially when it comes to fitness but the truth is, I live my life by this rule. There are no recipes. Adopted by who I would call the acting teacher of our time, Anthony Abeson, there are no recipes to how life is supposed to be done. If it feels right, do it. The universe has an awesome way of providing opportunities when you direct your energy toward what you want. Similarly, in fitness, most people follow routines and regimens to get in shape. Now, this is beneficial when first starting to work out and you’re starting to build an awareness of your body but I am more and more integrating the practice of listening to what my body needs for that day. For example, I set a goal to gain 8-10 lbs of muscle for 2020 but unlike my 20s that isn’t going to be a straight line of just go to the gym, eat more food and lift heavy weights. I have to adjust to my level of activity. I danced way more in my twenties and as a result, my body was more pliable to change. I’ve spent the last 6 years being a little more sedentary and am now moving back toward a more movement based lifestyle which requires time for the body to transition. Some days may require a more calisthenic approach, others yoga and Qi gong and then lifting. The goal for me being progression that will allow for long term sustainability.
No recipes