Lesson 1
Stop shaming your body! When I was working with a theater company, I took a video of one of the actors doing something pretty musically incredible. The next day, this person came to me and asked to take it down because they were shirtless. I replied, ok, but In order to grow, u must first be comfortable with where u are. When it comes to the body, it’s much harder to correct your form when you can’t see it. Also, make yourself look at the body you have now and instead of shaming it, tell yourself you love it, the parts you dislike, love them even more. Because change begins with you. And coming from someone who believes there is an audience for everyone and enjoys the full spectrum, confidence outshines everything. So, begin by everyday standing in front of your mirror and you may start to critique but notice what you are critiquing and find a reason to love it. Even if you just say, “I love my body”.