Stop waiting for permission
Lesson 2 Life is literally happening around you but I find that most people are afraid to live it because they might make a mistake. Sorry to break it to ya but you will make mistakes. It’s a part of life and the point of mistakes is for you to learn from them. And that doesn’t mean run away and hide. You may have to do things slightly different, just get back out there. I have been studying piano for about 8 months and at first started with 1 lesson a week. And without a keyboard or piano to practice, The learning was slow but I was still learning. I went home a few weeks ago and saw a keyboard sitting in my parents house and asked if I could take it. Just like that, I had a new key board. I went home and started practicing. When I met with my piano teacher he saw my progress but also corrected me on finger placement. He then asked if I was concerned about learning the wrong fingering to which I replied, “I’m learning the sound of the keys.” My point, don’t focus on what you might learn incorrectly but what you will learn. Even tho I may have to go back and fix my fingering I am still learning something by attempting. Every so often when I’m shopping at Trader Joe’s, I see this strikingly beautiful tall woman who looks like a dancer, so one day, I decided to ask her. She said, it was probably the manifestation of her unfulfilled self. I said to her, “just go take a dance class.” You are still breathing. You have two beautiful legs that walk but that hasn’t stopped some people. I saw a woman in a wheel chair in a ballet class and since she couldn’t use her legs, she spun in the chair and moved her arms because it made her happy. I’m not making a ton of money and have a desire to learn martial arts, so what do I do? I go home and learn a few things from my brother who’s been studying for 14 years and then I buy a bow staff, take it to the gym so I can practice. I learn a few things from YouTube and when I can afford, I go train with my shifu (master). He will correct me on my form and teach me some new things but something like kung fu needs consistent practice plus learning it is very fulfilling. I do the same with my voice teacher. She’s semi retiring, so when she’s around we train, I record the session and then I practice. When she comes back, she gets me back on track. It’s always great to have a master you can learn from but as artists as people living life we may not have the means or the time to always meet with them and they may not always be available. So, take it upon yourself to learn what you can when you can. You’ll keep growing and you’re teaching yourself how to teach and learn. With all the information out there, there is no excuse. The only thing I would say is great about having a master or a community to learn from is that it combats isolation and that’s very important. So stop waiting for someone to tell you or invite you to live the life you want and just go do it.