Once upon a time, in a world with no true existence lived a race of creatures who scoured their planet each day with one quest at hand, it’s destruction. These creatures were known only as the Adorans. Many moons ago, the planet vibrar was a luscious, tropical oasis of rich vegetation and wildlife but the under appreciation of its magnificence by the Adorans left it a barren waste land. And as punishment the goddess or or mother spirit of the planet, Aurora cursed them with a challenge that if completed in the 24 hour time frame would restore balance to the eco system. Their task, to recover the lost Parsol crystal. Along with the 24 hour deadline, the crystal reset to a new location after each passing day making its discovery virtually impossible. Or so we thought... Shedena, one of the last pure hearts of vibrar hikes the frozen tundra of etheria. Though virtually uninhabitable it is one of the few places on the planet in which any vegetation exists but is completely frozen over Icelandic enchanted forest. Cherry blossoms, golden aspens, evergreens all glisten and shimmer under their icy enclosure.