My Father

Is a great man.
This past week I’ve spent more time with my autistic student than I ever have and I have to be honest it was exhausting. She’s a wonderful girl but for a week, I got a glimpse into her mother’s life. Now many of you have heard stories about my upbringing and mostly the horrific side but the wonderful thing about letting go of pain, is how clear the sky can look again and you realize the good that happened.
This week taught me that there really is no guide book to raising kids and hats off to a single mom raising an autistic girl. I imagine it has its differences but I can surely appreciate my father raising three kids so much more.
He wasn’t perfect by any means but he was there. People wonder why I’m so driven and disciplined. It’s because of him. I may have written this somewhere else before and you’ll probably hear it again but my father got us up everyday, dressed, made sure we had food for breakfast, lunch, picked us up from school, drove us to dance classes and church and somehow maintained a full time job.
People and friends look at me and wonder how I can put my career on hold for so long to help an autistic group of kids. Cause my father didn’t have a life because of his kids. He embodied the true meaning of sacrifice. And yea, the gay thing sucked and the belt wasn’t fun either but I won’t let you feel sorry for me or look down on him because when most black men were running away from there responsibilities, he was imperfectly there everyday doing his best. And he did a goddamn great job. I’ve accomplished many things thanks to him and its only the beginning.