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Is it as impossible to believe that some people just wake up and decide that no matter what they are going to just be happy, as we make it out to be?Isn’t it strange to be met with the idea that you’re hiding depression, or afraid of intimacy because you’re really ok with being single or actually taking time to explore what you like and dislike?
I mean, what’s the rush?
If the idea is to enjoy the journey, than do that. Love the underwear half naked dancing self. If you don’t like wearing suits then wear Indian Kurtas.
I think it’s ok to be alone sometimes. In a society where the message is to find someone to complete you, it’s ok to complete yourself.
In my youth, I spent a lot of time in church and tho I haven’t been in years, I still reference parts of it from time to time. I have an aunt. She’s considered crazy too
Because no matter what, she decides to live in perfect peace. In fact, she always reminds me that the Bible says live in perfect peace, always. I can hear her now, “don’t let nobody disturb you from your peace.”
“You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3
This blog is taking an interesting twist but I just decided to look up the actual scripture and in reading, I got to thinking...
I grew up with the idea that God is separate from us. That we are made to aspire to Godliness which tends to set up this unattainable perfection. But what if we changed the focus from God being external and understood God as a part of us. We are in fact made in his image. In my meditation practice, it’s often said that everything we are looking for is already within, it’s just a matter of getting still enough to listen.
It’s interesting the wording of this text. “You will keep him in perfect peace, who’s mind is stayed on you.“
Now, humor me but what if we assumed that “him” was written in the 3rd person and “you” isn’t referring to an outside God but the God within.
It changes things, doesn’t it?
A very good friend of mine always reminds me to stay on my side of the street. There’s something truly beautiful in being able to mind ones own business.
Hey, I’m just quoting the scripture.
Although, it is hard to deny the existence of something greater than myself.