I have been on this journey for the past 3 years of just helping people with no expectations of receiving something back. You wouldn’t believe the reactions you get. Most people don’t trust and believe that there is an ulterior motive.
I began by helping an autistic theater company achieve their dream by offering acting, and singing coaching for next to nothing cause I believe that everyone should have the gift of creativity. The interesting thing is, I just started doing it. No one asked. I always say my gift is mine to share but as what tends to happen, our lives get bigger and we need more money and that’s the place I’m in now. The interesting part is that everyone wants me to apply for a grant which, I hate the idea because it feels like I’m asking for permission to create. People word it as asking for help. And then they say to me, ask for help. And I’m like, I know where help is but we should be more conditioned to just help people.
The other day I was in NY Penn station standing in a very long line for the men’s room and a man strung out on, I don’t know what was in the middle of the bathroom floating. He sway forward, then sway back, then dip half way down to the ground and catch himself before he fell. A maintenance man comes in the bathroom and encourages him to leave and walks back out. The man could barely move 2 feet in front of him and it was amazing seeing how many people just stared or walked around him trying to completely avoid him. Now, he was a little dirty but still human none the less and being a person who has spent time with sick and suffering people, I put a hand on his back and gently guided him out the door and thought to myself, was that so hard? I must admit, sometimes, it feels like a burden to live in a world where most people only care bout themselves. You get taken advantage of, a lot. And you’re met with so much skepticism. It is literally exhausting. But I refuse to let it ever take my light.

Helping others helps yourself