NYC Theater

Some People won’t like what I’m about to say but when has that ever stopped me.
NYC used to be the Mecca of innovative and outside the box theater but somewhere along the lines we’ve forgotten how to play and continue to repeat this cycle of perfection that completely robs the shows of the actors individuality. With every moment choreographed and over directed it leaves no space for creative impulse and imagination. And for what? Money. The show has to finish in hour and 30 minutes. What if you just let the actors act and cut off at 1 hour and 30 minutes where ever it landed. How interesting that would be? What kind of reaction would that leave for the audience? But we always cater to their needs and forfeit the joy of the story tellers. I call this bad directing. I’ve recently started listening to Tai Lopez’s podcast and he got on the subject of public speaking. He talks about three types of speakers, the over prepared, the improvisers and the 50/50. From his analysis the best kind of speaker is the 50/50 because they prepare for about 50% and let their instincts take over the rest. I believe this applies to theater as well.
Every time I do theater and it hasn’t been a ton, but I see this cycle repeated in which it’s over prepared, over rehearsed, completely destroying the actors instincts and robbing it of the joy of being an actor which is to feel safe enough to make different choices.
Always ask yourself, is this still fun? If the answer is no, then something is wrong.

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