Tonight was another unforgettable night of beauty, culture and intrigue. My wonderful friend Rohan throws the best Indian dance parties and how I so love being invited. The music, the clothing, the colors and the men left me on a high for more of this thing called life. I have often talked about having never been with an Indian man and as I become more comfortable in who I am, I am starting to see the opportunities in front of me. One might say, it was love at first sight, or more like love at first dance. He wore a floral colored shirt and grey pants that were painted to his legs in the most appealing fashion. He moved with the freedom of a gay man who’d never lived in a culture where he as himself couldn’t exist. We danced. It was blissful, erotic, and freeing. The floor was littered with beautiful Indian men. I was in a candy store wanting to sample. Their freedom reminded me so much of what it is I see in the gay leather community. The freedom to express yourself regardless of what you’ve been through. I guess I’m seeking my own form of what that is. Sometimes, I believe people think I’ve been running away from who I Am or where I come from but in all honestly, I think I’m running toward who I’m meant to be. Today, I had an audition at Columbia university for a new play and it was the debut of a new monologue I’ve been working on from Guess who’s coming to dinner. Yes, the iconic father son scene with Sidney Poitier and today, tonight, those words never rang more true when he says to his father, “you think of yourself as a colored man. I think of myself as a man” To be more specific, a gay man who loves gay men. I find every aspect of this life and culture intriguing and can’t fathom the idea of limiting it to one experience. That will never feel like love to me. This may raise some brows but seeing as how I tend to tie many of my life experiences to the Bible, I couldn’t help but think, what if Jesus were gay and he had 12 disciples who were really lovers that followed him and his philosophies. How incredible that would be?
Complicated melody