Warning, this is a political post and may cause feelings of discomfort. I had a conversation the other day about socialism. Now, my understanding of socialism has always been, a government that allows for the equal opportunity of all its citizens to not only have basic human rights like, healthcare and housing but to also grow economically. In the recent conversation this is where capitalism was brought up. The person I spoke to explained it in a way I hadn’t thought or heard. “America has always had one of the best systems that allows for anyone to become something from nothing. I know a guy who came here from Africa with nothing and now runs his own business.” This got me thinking and the truth is I’ve heard that story before as well. So I asked myself the question, is there a place for capitalism in this country? I’ve always been of the mindset that In America, you should have the freedom to be who and what you want. Now, I understand some of the drawbacks of capitalism, like political bribery and endorsements that can drive the market or position to ones favor, however can socialism actually exist without it? I believe everyone should have certain human rights and understand that many people will be satisfied with that but the quest for socialism shouldn’t deter those who would want to seek more but not for the sake of power but for freedom, curiosity, knowledge, experience and creativity. A friend of mine said, money is currency. Like everything else it has to flow. This is my basic understanding of this subject. More to be learned
A different perspective
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