Resting into existence
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I spent the morning meditating for an hour and a half which is a rarity these days. As of late, I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of having to do, be and this practice this morning reminded me to take time to rest. Deepak’s words, “resting into existence” reminded me that it’s ok to sometimes be still and let things come to you. A part of life we can often neglect is resting. Resting allows the mind and body to recharge, to disconnect from the troubles of the world and just remember to be here and now. There is so much power and beauty in that. At first I woke up and went straight to social media which is never a good idea. Media still struggles with painting a positive outlook on life and tends to inject fear into our minds. As a scare tactic, for control, or just out of habit, I’m not sure. The headline read Pete Buttegieg drops out of his presidential run and a little panic set in and I found myself reading articles about Biden, Coronavirus and Elizabeth Warren. All of a sudden, I’m like now I have to vote for Biden! My throat starts feeling a little sore and I forget how much I actually like Warren. The mind is incredibly powerful and can literally create your reality. Gaining control over your thoughts requires work and time but is possible. I have found guided meditation to be the most successful approach in combating what I’d like to call the overactive imagination. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting still and resting into the actual existence that is before you.