Day after day I’m bombarded by emails that start off by saying, Ten reasons why your log line isn’t working...if you want to grow richer, do these ten things... and so on and so on. You know me, I like to make my own path, choices. And honestly, these types of emails just reinforce what I like to call assembly line thinking. Every time I speak to someone about monetizing my business, they tell me I have to pick on niche because people want to see that you’re excellent at one thing. I honestly hate that. And to be honest, it’s bullshit and if I can teach one thing during my time on this planet is that knowing how to do one thing well is extremely limiting and antiquated thinking. Learn as much as you can. Try and fail as many times as it take you not to fail. Create experiences for people, not just money. I believe this virus is a huge awakening, reminding us to slow down and remember the joy of being human isn’t to slave away working but to live. I started a garden yesterday. In my apartment. I have been wanting to grow some plants for months now and this break finally gave me the opportunity. Plants are good for so mommy things. Natural air purifiers, they produce food, and I don’t think it coincidental that the earth unleashed an upper respiratory infection when it itself can’t breathe. They say, trees are the lungs of the earth.
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