Mascuemine energy


I’ve observed a double standard when it comes to male sexuality in this country.
A friend shared a story of him walking down the street and making eye contact with another very attractive male. He approaches him to speak but as soon as he smiles the attraction is lost. This story is specific to gay male culture but I can’t imagine it only exist here. Is it a gay thing or a male thing?
I’ve posted a series of photos on Instagram representing different sides of gay culture and many with varying expressions. Sexuality, sensuality, Joy/positivity, domination, submission and the results are interesting. As a society there seems to always be a disconnect between personality and sexuality. Like, the two cannot exist at the same time specifically in men. I have found that when I post pictures that exude sensuality or sexuality especially in the nude form, they are widely received but when I cover up a bit and express personality, I lose the attention of one audience to gain the attention of another. The situation begs, how can one be fully integrated? From my understanding, I find that women have a much easier time at this. Although, they do still struggle with the idea of being able to be sexual and professional.
Is male sexuality evolving? I see in the younger generation the ability to present themselves without labels but how does one hold on to that when striving for a business that thrives on labelling and putting things into a box. Why is male nudity even in a non provocative form seen as sex. Men, have penis’s. We all know this.
In Europe, you can watch a commercial and find nudity from both male and female and no one bats an eye. I still believe there is a correlation between freedom of sexuality that negates compulsive or abusive sexual behavior.
There was an experiment done where you place a rat in a cage by itself with two drinking stations. One laced with cocaine and one without. The rat in isolation drank more from the laced station and became addicted.
When placed with other rats with the same drinking stations the rat barely payed attention to the stations at all. Could this translate to sexuality. If we are allowed spaces to explore our sexuality with other like minded consenting adults, could this rid us of our compulsive or abusive behaviors? If sex were seen as a normal part of life, would that allow more for personality and sexuality to coexist.
Why should I be ashamed of my body? God gave it to me. I’m always reminded of the scripture Genesis 3:11 “Who told you you were naked?”