What loving me looks like.
I must be too different. There seems to be this quest to understand and try to heal me. But the fact is, I’m not broken. Don’t really think I ever have been. I enjoy the experience of life. I enjoy moving, I enjoy exploration. I think people think I’m searching for love and sometimes I think I have found it when all along the only love I needed was within. Everyone talks about higher vibrations and all this other bs. I can’t help but see how there are continuous hierarchies created. People are fascinating. The thing I love most about acting is the study of human behavior. All human behavior. Am I not allowed to mourn when someone is loss? Isn’t that being human. What saddens me is the idea of letting social constructs dictate how we live our lives, always consuming always about instant gratification. A life passes, we honor it. Someone celebrates, they have tomorrow and the rest of their existence to do so. It will be there tomorrow. I would love for once for people to start seeing another perspective. The young do not dictate the way the world runs. They help remind us to keep living. Our elders guide us and those in the middle, we help bring the balance. Perfectionism and the need to impress is blinding. I prefer to honor the moments cause as we witnessed today, life is short. Make the most of it. Stuff, u can’t take it with you. We’re all in this together so start acting like it. When one group hurts, we all do. One is down, we lift them up. Stop being so selfish.