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This word comes up often for me and I honestly question it every time. I was on set yesterday and a girl asked why I don’t go and take a screen writing class in order to create my script and I said “because, I don’t want to do it that way.” At least not yet. I could tell by her expression that she was a little baffled and possibly offended. This, as I’ve come to understand is seen as resistance. I encounter many people who can’t understand why I choose to create my own path when there is one already laid answer your question, because it’s fun and interesting and it’s mine. I was recently working with a teacher. this person as I feel, misinterprets a lot of my actions. I love to learn and I use many different styles of learning but I’ve noticed a trend in some teaching where a teacher can perceive curiosity as resistance. A teacher once asked, why are trying to do it like that when I am here to teach you? To which my reply has always been, :because I’m learning how I learn. The teacher replies, :then you don’t need me. :But if that were true I wouldn’t be here. :If this were a set, you just wasted $1000 :but it isn’t a set, it’s a learning environment. This, I feel is the number one issue with the education system. Teachers teach their way and expect students to learn that way because they are teachers instead of allowing students o learn how they learn or to make choices for themselves. The truth for me, and will always be isn’t about being wrong or right but the experience of just trying.