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It’s very interesting how much power we give certain words.

I just bought a jockstrap that has the word F*** written on it. Now, I get it. The F- word on a jockstrap, I would assume most people would think sex. In fact, many did and that got me thinking... if the words had been placed on any other clothing anywhere else on the body would it have the same meaning?
If it were on a T-shirt, could it be F*** it? Or F*** you? Are we programmed to automatically think in certain patterns. Could the F word be more associated with stop giving a F*** and be yourself?
When I was a kid, someone told me that giving the finger meant I was saying F-u to God. That terrified me but for what reason? There really isn’t one.
I had another incident where I posted a video of a friend of mine and I shaking our manly bits in our bathing suits. Another friend of mine reached out and said her younger sister followed me and she began to basically curse me out. I then replied, well instead of freaking out about her seeing something “sexual” ask her, how did it make her feel?
I honestly believe that the way we react to certain things leaves more of an imprint than the actual event. The idea of raising kids or children to grow up without a sense of their sexuality is insane. I look forward to the day we stop pretending it doesn’t exist and acknowledge its presence and learn ways to engage in healthy conversation with the next generation.

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The F Word