Creative spirit
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As I strive to understand the business side of things it’s within that that I feel this is flawed. I can’t understand why I don’t make more money. Everyone says they’ll only give you what you ask for but why wouldn’t you give me what I’m worth? Cause you don’t see the value? I know you do. You’d just rather take advantage of my giving spirit until there is no more to give. History has shown us there is always an innovator, a new thinker or thinkers to advance the human population. And it tends to be for the better of all humanity but because that population can be so small, the rest of the population tends to determine wether it’s valid or not. It happens every time and every single time, history repeats itself. I keep seeing this meme and I don’t remember the whole thing except the last line that says something like, if you want to have an impact that lasts 100 years, teach our children but that never sat well with me. We as a society constantly neglect our well being for the sake of children. They are the future but we aren’t dead yet. I believe if you really want to make an impact, focus on the teachers teaching the children. There are still one of the most under paid jobs in America. I taught at an elementary school once a week for six weeks and it was terrible. A bunch of privileged parents complaining all the time about how much money they spent on their child’s education and how they wanted all these things implemented. My concern is how and why would you treat the people pouring into your child’s future like this? They knew better than to come to me with that. I would have cursed them out and walked right out that school😂. But I saw it and the funny thing is these people spend more time with your children than you do and their well being seems to matter not. I keep seeing these quotes about changing yourself in order for your life to change but that doesn’t make sense either. If you want love, change yourself, if you want more money you have to change yourself but being myself is what makes me, me. Bob Marley would not let doctors cut off his toe because he was afraid that doing so would affect his magic, his essence and so, he died of skin cancer. Now, I don’t believe I’m that extreme but I understand it. His last words to his son, “money can’t buy life.” And boy is that the truth. Find life, then money. If you chase the money first you’ll never know life. That’s what we should be teaching children. How to be happy.