I couldn’t understand why this term bothered me for so long but the reality is, it feels like a word used to disguise modern day slavery. I get it, time is spent listening to what a person wants trying to understand what life they want to live but the way it actually has felt like is, you have this gift now use it this way to help people when instead what I/ we really want is to use our gift our way to help ourselves and people. I truly understand the meaning of putting yourself first. It isn’t selfish, in fact it’s the way it should be because when I finally started putting myself first, I’m able to create for far more people then when I was putting others needs before mine. It’s funny how that works. But like my friend said, you can’t pour from an empty cup. I can’t not help people. It is in my nature but unfortunately, there are a lot of self serving people who believe that everyone else is also self serving and from my experience, they react from a place of pain instead of love. Just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean that’s how they want to make a living or contribute. My best moments of service have been when I’m free to be and choose who and what I want to be not what a job or the world needs of me. Happiness spreads when a person is doing a job that brings them happiness. I know, it isn’t like this all over the world butane can change that 1 step at a time. Lay out the options and I’ll come to you.