Opening night for Epic players production of Peter and the star catcher is tomorrow night 2/6/2019. And now that we’ve successfully staged the production my role as an actor can begin. This may be controversial but that’s what art is supposed to do. Push the boundaries and make you think. It’s always an interesting perspective being the only black person in a predominately white production. As broadway has done for many years, there is a token black or other amidst a show written by an all white creative team portraying their voice as well as the voice of the other ethnicities. And being a black person, Playing a mollusk native who is kidnapped by the English and forced to serve as their kitchen slave, I can’t help but have strong feelings. When my character emerges during the second act of the show he has found his way back to his Island and his people and the tables are turned in which three English are captured on his land. His initial thought is to seek absolute revenge but through witnesses the kindness of one of the English, he shows mercy. This is all well and good but one part of the play that seems completely overlooked is the fact that when the he is captured by the antagonist captain Stache and a trade for his life for the trunk is offered, he is declined with the line, “I have a sacred duty to uphold.” But when the same circumstance is presented with Molly (the protagonist and British) being captured, Peter willingly offers up the trunk for her safety and without any real objection, the deal is made. This speaks more truth than perceived by the average eye but my question as the actor playing this role, what mental actions take place that cause him to overlook this and grant them their freedom? Moments like these are why i believe it is so imperative to have different cultural perspectives when creating about different cultures because if I were in this same situation the dialogue would be very different but I’ll choose to look at this as a great acting challenge.
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The highly overlooked symbolism and role of fighting prawn in Peter and the Star catcher