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We make plans and God Laughs.
About a year ago I started taking Qi gong. It was at a time that was inopportune for my theater company because they had just created a music class at the same time to help us all learn music but my spirit was telling me to take this Qi gong class. This past production, I started creating a movement format for high functioning actors with autism. For the first time, it started to really take shape and I’m using many aspects of Qi gong but the funny thing was, I didn’t know why I needed to take Qi gong until I started teaching my student (muse). Music has been making a big presence in my life recently and I’m being called home to gospel and my people and I know it’s because I have to grow. Like Qi gong, I have to learn in order to teach. The significance of the number 2020 symbolizes faith and trust in relationships. Have faith.