I have to say, it takes quite a bit to frighten me but believe it or not, one of the most frightening moments I have experienced in my life is watching a video on harassment in the work place. The idea that people who work together and then leave a work place and have a private conversation about sexuality can be seen as harassment is absurd.
In this highly technically evolved era, we are loosing touch with what it is to be human. Humans who touch without offense being derived from it. When did a compliment become harassing someone? When did the freedom to express ones feelings in a consenting manor become a possible threat of harassment. The truth is these things never crossed my mind until watching that video. Why are we so afraid?? When did we become so fearful of living in space with one another. Is it because the majority of people spend their lives tucked behind a screen and have forgotten what normal human interaction feels like? We worry so much about isolation and how it is the leading cause in addiction. How does this not apply?
Now, I’m in no way excusing actual harassment in a work place but please stop looking to create something that doesn’t exist because of fear of what might be perceived. It’s destroying our humanity. If someone is actually causing harm then by all means proper action most definitely should be taken but people being people is not harassment. It’s dehumanizing.