I’m young man who grew up in the church and the principles I grew up with were God is love. And I believe that. But before you stop reading and think this is going to be a holier than thou blog post, keep reading. I may surprise you. I do believe that there is love in church and that that love isn’t separate from any other love I’ve experienced.
I’ve been in every kind of arena you can imagine through out NYC from bdsm dungeon parties to the holiest of church services and the truth is I’ve experienced God in all of them because God is love.
We chant love is love is love yet when it comes down to it, even in nyc we build walls and shout for freedom through them. I have an amazing life story to tell and recently, I’ve been feeling a tug of war from everyone to be the one to tell my story, but it isn’t a story for one but for all; because we’re all apart of it. I have received love from everyone and through that love, I am connected and therefore we are connected. The question I keep asking myself tho, is how can we fight for a country we call united when we ourselves are divided? I don’t want to be one thing. It’s not who I am and I believe there’s a reason for that. I am the Gospel, I am the gay kinky adventurer. I am the entrepreneur. I am the activist. I am artist, the performer ,the director, the musician, the dancer, I am that I am.
I am the teacher. I am love.


My story