I often speak about how we are made to manifest our desires and how our desires lead us to our creativity. Now, let me preface this by saying that when I speak of desires, I’m referring to consenting actions that don’t cause harm to ones self or others. I’ll give an example.
I love watching cartoons. I am a 32 year old man who never watches the news, or anything regarding politics. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever. You can imagine I’ve gotten the “grow up” speech once or twice.
There’s a Netflix television show called Shera, princess of Power, that I started binging and could not stop. It was that good! I also work for a pretty popular fitness app, called Dailyburn that shoots live workouts with different trainers for each episode.
On one of the segments we got a new trainer, she’s this tall Wonder Woman, glamazon type who looks like she came to play no games. Now this app that I work for is very family oriented. It’s their target audience, their brand and they often go for a very peppy, happy vibe, regarding their trainers. After shooting the segment that involved several suggestions to keep smiling throughout I went over to my boss and lightly suggested trying to go in a different direction with this trainer. “She doesn’t give off, happy, peppy, sunshine, and rainbows. She’s a warrior princes, think Shera. Put on some movie score music and have her choreograph a battle workout.” Well, he really liked the idea.
She and I happened to ride the elevator out of the building and I shared my thoughts with her, “just because it’s a fitness app, doesn’t mean we still can’t create characters.” She lit up.
Now I haven’t seen her since, and have no idea if she’s adopted the battle warrior princess look for her fitness segments but it was really cool being able to offer that advice based on my interests.
I often say follow your interests, they will lead you to your creativity. Also, be ready for people to tell you how it should be done. Many think because it worked for them, it will work for you. We are each unique and individual, like my acting teacher says, “no recipes”. Try it all. Take what works and leave the rest.


Does judgement stifle creativity?