I’m on a quest to marry creativity and business and in my pursuit I’m being offered many different approaches that claim to be the right fit. But I can’t help but wonder if like most of everything along this journey, I have to create the business model that works for me.
In today’s meditation practice, it talks about how our desires lead us to the lives we want and we are meant to have them. My latest quest has been to master the art of Qi gong and Kung fu. While I’ve been studying and researching these styles I have heard several times that they go hand in hand. I’ve also heard Tai chi and Kung fu balance each other. I am still seeking understanding and knowledge but can’t help but wonder, as a person who literally feels his way through life could this be the answer?
Perhaps mastering business is more about balancing the mind with the body from a physical and energetic approach vs an intellectual one. But is intellect only defined by book knowledge?

Balancing act