An interesting thing happens when collaboration and creativity truly combine. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and life becomes colorful.
Imagine, you’re a part of a team. you have a way of doing things, it works, it always works. But are you individually, collectively, fulfilled? Do you leave your job at the end of the day saying, I created something.
By nature, We are creative beings . Everyday we have the potential to do it but have we forgotten? Have we forsaken creativity for the mundane, for what is “safe”, for the team?
Life is unpredictable, even when we think we’ve created the sense of control, anything can happen, so why not take the risk? Usually, the result, you have to do what you’ve always done differently, and it forces you and everyone around you into doing it better.. but ask yourself at the end of the day did you feel something? Excited?
When you’re walking in a grocery store or a mall and you see the little sample station that says, “try me”. it could be food or a scent. Then a million little voices start talking you out of why you shouldn’t do it. That, “try me” is the inner child inside. Next time, go for it. Before all the thoughts, before all the reasoning, take a chance. And if it’s messy, great, you’re doing it right. But always remember, your intuition doesn’t want to harm you. If it’ll lead you to harm, it’s not the inner child. Be careful not to confuse Being challenged, as harm.

Collaboration and creativity